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Coaching Services

Coaching is a profession that supports personal and professional growth and development based upon individual initiated change in pursuit of outcomes. Although goal oriented, coaching is designed to build upon your strengths, uniqueness, talents and skills.  It is a partnership to facilitate personal growth and awareness that leads to conscious choice, focused action and a meaningful, rewarding life.  (ADDCA)
Prior to our first session, I begin with a discovery call to determine your specific needs and potential goals.  Once we commit to work together, I will send an intake questionnaire to gather more detailed information and begin to define goals.  
Most clients begin with a 3-12 month commitment.  Sessions are 45-60 minutes and are held weekly or twice monthly.  Sessions are by phone, Zoom, or in person.  I have the flexibility to partner with clients nationally and internationally.  I welcome the opportunity to assist you in this powerful process of change and discovery.  I do not coach everyone, I commit to partnering with clients who are 100 percent committed to results.  Once you commit to this process, growth and achievement is limitless.  I focus on the power of growth mindset, effective tools, and helping you find passion, purpose, and joy.  Are you open to possibilities, feeling some relief, and creating change?  
Our first session is free; let's get started.  Complete the form below to reserve time on my calendar.
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